the high priestess

"A mistress of the subconscious, the High Priestess asks you to listen to your inner voice. She combines serenity, inner knowing, and collective wisdom to guide you toward your intuition. Trust your gut and let it lead you to the right answers. Don't force control. Instead, let situations unfold as they are meant to be. At this time, pay special attention to your dreams, as they may carry subliminal messages that can help you in your waking hours. Looking inwards rather than outward, can provide you with guidance that you seek. Your imagination is ripe with creativity and flow, free from logic and practicality. Embody the divine feminine that exists inside of you to connect back to the fertile life source in all of us. Trust that your expanding intuition is guiding you to where you need to go. "

This shoot came together last minute thanks to JC (MUA) & Maggie (Hair) and I'm so grateful that it did. The intention was to have a creative together which turned out even more whimsical than I imagined, but the meaning behind the shoot now is so much more to me.

Trying to come up with a name for this creative I messaged Clarissa to brainstorm, she landed on calling it High Priestess. She brought up how the card is relatable to the life I created for myself over the past year and that I could discuss what it means to me. I've had many amazing memories and joyful moments throughout my life, but as this year comes to an end I can honestly say this has been my most empowering, independent, self-fulfilling year to date.

I made a promise to myself at the beginning of 2019 that I would live this year for me, learn how to fall in love with myself and not feel the need to fill a void or reassure my worth through another person. I made a promise that I would put that love back into my business, my creativity, my home, my friendships and family. To trust that my expanding intuition was guiding me to exactly where I need to be. To let go of the negativity and open up space for the good to flow in.

Now more than ever my creativity flows through me, I've grown that much closer with my friends, met so many amazing humans, danced freely for hours to my favourite music, fully embraced my whimsical, bohemian, floral, plant obsessed self and can say learning to fall in love with yourself is powerful. This shoot is dedicated to the reborn Luna, my inner high priestess, the one that learned to love herself.



photos: @dortasphotography

mua: @_jc_creative

hair: @maggiemelroseee