colour my world

Sunshine has finally hit Toronto and I couldn't be happier. After what felt like the longest winter of life and one last "fourth winter", aka an insane ice storm during April it's officially spring (or summer, Canada seems to only truly experience two seasons)! I tried my hardest not to complain all winter, but being a content creator in Canada is extremely difficult during our winter months and VERY cold. Sometimes I ask myself why I choose to live where the air hurts my face.

Now that that's out of the way, YAY warm weather, colourful clothing, lightweight breezy fabrics and all the fun prints. This summer you'll catch me wearing all the jumpsuits, they're insanely comfortable and essentially the adult version of a onesie you wear as a baby. I love pieces that give clothing movement, it makes them that much more special and fun to shoot in.

Here's to all the sunshine filled days to come!