how to create your dream space

I've always said this & I'll say it a million times again, your space is what you make it. Depending on your own style, you can convert any small space into what you may be dreaming up in your head. I'm a visual person so when it comes to creating a dream space i've envisioned I look to others for inspiration, flip through magazines & books, browse pinterest, & visit vintage stores. Based off of my own personal style, I've pulled inspiration from a few vintage boutiques I've visited. I always enjoy seeing how different places style their clothes for sale, display art on walls, or layer rugs.

I like waking up everyday & having the first thing I see be inspiring. I've covered my wall next to my bed in images that range from fashion, art, nature, horoscopes, polaroids, space, & influencers I look up to. The foot of my bed is stacked with my favourite books, magazines, & editorials, when I'm in need of inspo I like having them close to me. I have two Moroccan inspired rugs layered & let me tell you, rugs can bring your room to the next level. My bedside table was made by one of my best friends & holds a repurposed vintage lamp, all my favourite jewels, a couple of candles from P.F. Candle Co (current scents are coconut grove & teakwood & tobacco), my flamingos which are actually S&P shakers from labour of love, & my FAVOURITE eau de toilette jazz club by replica.

Being a dreamer it only makes sense to have a dream catcher hehe, a very thoughtful human gifted it to me from a vintage market in California along with one of the blankets layered on my bed. All the macrame hangers are made by three different talented babes. I love being able to share talents with the world & these women are amazing.

From left to right




My bed is covered in throw pillows all from Urban Outfitters; I personally think the more pillows the cozier. Lastly make sure you have soft sheets to snuggle in. I can be clumsy at times so the thought of mostly white sheets worries me, but my room is pretty colourful so I wanted to neutralize my bedding. This sheet set is from Brooklinen & Elmer & I definitely give them a 10/10.

Below are some books & websites I've drawn inspiration from.

Happy creating :)!


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Photos: @soundslikeyellowphotography