making waves

A little late but Happy New Year everyone, can you believe its 2018 & the holidays are already did that happen?! I'm SO excited to dive into a new year and embrace all the amazingness it has to bring. Recently finishing up and completing my program at TFS in Fashion Marketing & Entertainment, I'm so excited to be able to devote so much more of my time to blogging & content creating. I want to make waves this year & accomplish the goals I've set out for myself, some include:

1) A whimsical city escape at a cottage during the winter.

2) Traveling back to Paris.

3) Collaborating with more creatives and local businesses across Canada.

4) Visiting New York.

5) Reading more.

6) Seeing more live shows.

7) Continue freelance styling.

8) Take a pottery class.

9) Practice my cursive writing (my writing looks like a 7 year old lolol).

10) Travel to New Brunswick when the lupins bloom.

Big or small I love having a list of goals to accomplish. A huge dream of mine has always been to move to a bigger city, something I actually thought I'd never do...but here I am now a year & a half later living that life! Now realizing that you can adapt to your environment I can see myself upping my life at another point and enjoying other places of the world. What waves will you create for yourself in 2018?