the wanderly

 Welcome to one of the cutest, coziest, and aesthetically pleasing stores in Toronto, The Wanderly! Near the end of summer I kept wandering (no pun intended hehe), around Dundas west. My friend Tyler owns a coffee shop on the corner of Brock & Dundas called Safehouse coffee (highly recommend and very grammable floor). With the amount of times I was hanging at Safehouse you'd think I'd open my eyes up to what was next door. 

I stood dumbfounded in the door staring into this EXTREMELY on point Luna store. All of the cacti, plants, Turkish rugs, handmade planters, jewellery, macrame, vintage, and more, I was and am OBSESSED! The Wanderly is an ever-evolving curated collection of well-crafted goods run and owned by the sweetest gals Sarah & Katie and greeted with kisses from pup Tobalá. In collaborations with artists, creators and business, both local and from around the world, it's their goal to seek out and showcase unique, high-quality items with interesting stories to tell.

Putting together an outfit I fell in love with a vintage embroidered swallow top with the daintiest cuffs, a 100% naturally hand dyed with marigold wool scarf from Oaxaca, Mexico, & a pair of vintage levis. This is not an understatement when I say this, I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS MOMENT FOR YEARS! I struggle with finding a perfectly fitting pair of vintage denim...always. It's too big on my waist, I can't get them past my butt, they're too short, list goes on. Guys...these levis were made for me. I saw them on the rack, fell in love with the wash, and thought these actually look like they will fit my body, AND FIT THEY DO! Perfect around my waist, through the thigh, and the length is heaven. This may sound silly to some, but what a rush, all you denim lovers know exactly what I mean. If you're looking to find affordable vintage, go to The Wanderly and check out their amazing assortment! 

I absolutely adore when amazing people create a magical space and make it feel like home. Working with and encouraging the collaborations of artists & creators is something I strongly believe in and love that this place is blooming with it. If you're on the west end grab a coffee & fall head over heals with this bohemian nook.