lost in the light

Another city escape, peaceful roads, hues of yellow, red, and orange painted trees, and warm sunsets. Fall hadn't exactly happened in the city yet, so we wandered outwards looking for it. I'm so thankful that places like this exist not too far from the city, otherwise I'd probably go insane from all the concrete. Taking a break from the hustle feels like hitting my refresh button with a huge dose of self-care; going to a place where all you hear is silence, running rivers, and the leaves rustling.

I ordered one of the very on trend baker boy hats from FP with fingers crossed that I wouldn't end up looking like a poor boy. All my head knows is a wide brim, luckily I've warmed up to the style on myself and now love it! Without realizing when I had ordered the hat turned out to be brixton, a piece I've been wanting to add to my closet. I love this hat because you can feel the quality, luxe suede, a leather brim, and braided leather band.

Heading home with yet again an arm full of blooms to dry out and cherish, this roadtrip was yet another beautiful adventure.