mornings at home

 It's pretty crazy to think that I've been in Toronto for almost a year and a half now. When moving into my new apartment it felt like the furthest thing from home, but your space is what you make it. Since moving in our little apartment has come such a long way and now I truly enjoy my mornings at home. I upgraded from squishing all of my plants onto the oven so they could soak up the natural light, to a rustic ladder I scored for $40 at an antique market! Waking up and putting on my favourite tunes, making a large pink smoothie, hanging out with the wien, and having a cup of coffee in my favourite mug. That's another thing, I'm now officially a coffee drinker which I never thought I would be. 

Every gal likes to lounge around in her home and why not do it in some of the cutest skivvies Canada has to offer. Finding Rosie is an online multi-brand lingerie and sleepwear boutique founded by Rachael Neiberding in Vancouver, Canada. Finding Rosie curates a unique selection of lingerie from independent designers for stylish and cool women. They want to inspire women to lead a life full of lingerie, love, and charm. To be honest I never ever thought I'd find myself shooting photos in skivvies, but Finding Rosie makes me feel beautiful, classy, and is extremely flattering! I'm wearing the Joanna Bralette and High-Waist brief, I love how complimentary this set is with my hair colour. 

Set aside time for self-love. Sleep in on a Sunday, pick up fresh fruit for breakfast, read your favourite book, turn your kitchen into a dream space for a fun photoshoot, treat yourself to that dress you've been eyeing, love your lingerie and stay wild babe! 



 Photos: @soundslikeyellowphotography

Finding Rosie


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