Bodychains, layered necklaces, stacks of rings, custom stamping, glitter bombs, and a cozy bohemian nook, the Anice babes know how to do Wayhome right. When Katie messaged me saying Anice wanted to take me to Wayhome, without hesitation I said yes. Spending a weekend in the sunshine surrounded by amazing humans, music, and the prettiest jewels around how could I say no?

If you read my previous collab with Anice, you know that Britt who created and owns Anice has an incredibly creative eye down the the last detail. She popped up her own mini Anice for the festival and it could not have been more perfect. We set up a little bohemian lounge where people could take photos and relax, and with every $20.00 purchase jewel babes received a glitter bomb & a polaroid to take home with them. Being covered in glitter and jewels wasn't an option and I was 100% ok with it.

My outfits all weekend were from Free People, and Katie styled my hair with different braids which led to being featured on MTV fashion http://fora.mtv.ca/fora-x-got2b-festival-hair/. Highlights from the festival were Flume, Charles Bradley, Solange, and Frank Ocean. Solange though...her entire performance is something I'd highly recommend seeing. Naturally Charles Bradley melted everyone's heart throwing long stem red roses into the audience and serenaded everyone on Sunday during sunset.

Pieces of glitter are still sprinkled throughout my home letting me carry the magic that is Anice into my days.



Anice Jewellery

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