paint it pastel

Safe to say I'm slowly but surely discovering every pastel/rainbow wall Toronto has in plain sight or tucked away. If only every building was painted a bright bold colour, seeing one always brightens my day. Anytime I'm walking around and see a cotton candy pink house or side by side pastel wall you'll more than likely hear a squeal from me, it's the little things.

When I think back to growing up and visiting Ardene, I always think of the rubber spiked earrings which were the coolest thing to have and their packs of rubber bracelets, you know which ones i'm talking about (each bracelet had a specific meaning and if you broke one it would come true). This store has come a long way since those times carrying multiple on trend pieces from embroidery, velvet, rompers, cutouts, frayed denim, maxi dresses, bodysuits, bombers; you name it they've got it.

One of the perks of this store is their on going buy one get one 50% deal. I managed to get 2 complete outfits for $150.00. Aside from this outfit I picked up an off the shoulder chambray dress, nude sandal wedges, and accessories. With money left over in my budget I snagged some cute patches and DIY'ed this white shoulder bag to complement my patchwork high tops. Feel free to follow this link and use my code luna.lindsay15 for a discount and chance to pick yourself up something new for spring!



Photos: @allyperpickphotography