less house - more home

Please take responsibility for the energy you bring into this space; a direct reflection of what you bring into your home. When I first moved into my apartment I immediately thought oh oh....this is a huge disappointment. My bedroom window faces another building, there's only one window in our apartment that gets a decent amount of natural light, negative thoughts, negative thoughts, and more negative thoughts...this place isn't my home. Once I decided to throw my negative attitude out the window I realized that home isn't always a place, it's a feeling; whatever you decide to make something, it will be.

Overtime the space that I once thought was a dungeon began to feel like home. Having a wall of inspiring images, more pillows than my bed can handle, some twinkly lights, a makeshift disco ball chandelier, favourite thrifted decor, a special Macrame Adventure piece, and some old FP instalments, my apartment began to feel more like home, a place I look forward to come back to everyday.

When I realized I was moving, I knew I wanted to bring most of my plants with me to feel at home. I now call my plants the oven plants, since that's where all the natural light is. As quirky as the oven plants are, they've grown to have their own charm. A piece of furniture I can never leave behind is my refurbished night table done by my good friend and Interior Designer Emily Vermette, this girl turns anything she touches into gold.

If you feel like being inspired by BEAUTIFUL homes I highly suggest you read The New Bohemians, Cool and Collected Homes by Justina Blakeney. The book includes photos of 20 bohemian inspired homes, interviews with the owners, DIY projects, and an adopt an idea section for each home which helps to get your interior designer juices flowing.

- Happy Homing -