instagram alley

There's definitely some questionable areas in my neighbourhood, but this place is a hidden gem my roomate Zach and I discovered in the summer! It's an alleyway filled with all types of different coloured walls and textures, aka an insti dream hehe. Anytime I need a quick pic we'll trek a few blocks over to what we now call instagram alley, and choose a background based off of what kind of outfit either of us are wearing that day.

This outfit called for rustic tones and white walls of wooden and brick. You'd think since it is still technically winter here I would be freezing in these shots, but it was around 12 degrees aka perfect Canadian leather jacket weather. FP's new Cora mini dress with embroidery detailing and a dramatic sleeve split is the perfect piece and colour to welcome a soon to be spring. I scored these pony hair giraffe booties for $29.00 originally $120.00 along with people questionably staring at my feet at times; guess that makes them a staple piece hehe. My moon phase necklace is from MiskWill a fellow Canadian jewelry maker; I've been wearing it on repeat all week! One of my favourite ways to style the necklace is layering it with a turtleneck, or under a collard shirt!

I've decided to try and make it a personal goal of mine to discover something new every week in Toronto; coffee trucks, plant stores, quaint cafés, art murals, and everything else the city has to offer. Hope you're all having a wonderful Monday!



Photos: @zachrobich

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