with love

Pink, pink, pink, and more pink! I stumbled across some images from this park upon moving to Toronto, and knew that one day I'd venture down to capture its vibrant colours. The great thing about shooting in the winter at a pretty space like this, is that there's not many people willing to just hang out in a park in freezing temperatures. Junecaldwell Park is any girly girl or pastel lover's dream; the pink is so aesthetically pleasing and so many colours contrast beautifully with it.

Knowing I was going to shoot here, I HAD to bust out my metallic gold block heels & a pretty printed top. Being the month of love, I opted for an accessory that literally spelled it out for me. Daniel Wellington is sending out the daintiest heart shaped pins that feature the word love in cursive with any purchase of a watch during the month of February (If you know me, you know I'm a sucker for anything cursive...its a dying art). I do think that every day of the year should be spent loving ourselves and each other immensely, but if valentines day gives us a little nudge or a reminder that's alright with me.

Do something nice for yourselves, a loved one, or maybe even a stranger. Buy someone a coffee, give a stranger a compliment, hug your loved ones two seconds longer, treat yourself to something, send a valentine in the mail, always and forever spread the love!



Photos: @allyperpickphotopgraphy

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