meshin' in velvet

January 26, 2017

 One thing I definitely love about winter is when there's a fresh snowfall. The sound of the light snow when you graze a new path and the trees with a fresh coat of frosting. The most winter I've gotten to experience so far this year was when I was home, the trees were lightly dusted with fresh powder and the backroads were anything less than beautiful. One thing I love about photography is that you get to preserve the moments; winter isn't my favourite season like most people, but I still appreciated this day and its beauty. 


Every gal needs a little black dress. This one from Motel Rocks has two things every fashionista has in their closet this season, velvet and mesh. I love the fact that the mesh allowed some of my tattoos to poke out in certain places, while in others the floral velvet intertwined perfectly with them. Adding a little pop of colour  I opted for one of FP's embellished cross-body bags. If everyone remembers my post with the embellished black velvet shoes...well you bet there's a purse to match and this is it (also comes in black)! 


I'm sure Toronto will be gracing us with a snowfall at some point soon, so for now I'll stay what's considered warm in Canada and cherish these photos from home. 




















 Photos: @gmacleanfotos















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