the highest tides

My recent visit home was loaded with content creating and I couldn't ask for a better trip. The final week I met up with different photographers and creators and shot every day back to back. My last shoot was what I like to call a "creator high". I messaged some of my favourite humans and creators Lance Blakney, Jessica Hughes, and Reuben Stuart asking if they wanted to spend a Saturday together sharing what we love. Making a day trip out of it, they drove up to Sussex to meet up with Glen and I.

We squeezed into the car and headed down to The Bay of Fundy where the highest tides in the world can be found. It was ridiculously cold...and when I say cold I mean COLD, but we toughed it out for the sake of creating. We walked out onto the ocean floor as far as we possibly could and shot until the very fast rising tides chased us to shore.

By the time we all huddled back into the car with icicles for fingers, everyone of us was all smiles knowing we all got to come together for an afternoon and do what we love.



Photographers: @lance_kenneth_blakney & @gmacleanfotos

Model: @jessica_chantelle

Creative/Directive/Glitter Makeup: @reubenmarkstewart

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