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January 12, 2017

 Ever stumble across vintage pieces, want to purchase said piece, but then question...hrmm will I ever wear that and do I feel confident enough to rock it? You then buy said piece and it then hangs in your closet for a few years wondering if it will ever make its debut.  Throughout my thrifting years there has been multiple occasions when this has happened to me. From giant shoulder pads to pantsuits from the 80's, you can find it all if you hit up the right places. 


I came across this statement blazer a few years ago, and am now finally wearing it. After looking at the label in the coat and it reading "Braemar Petites by Jeremy Scott", I knew that it wasn't an early invention before his Moschino days but still a rad find. I'm not the type of gal to rock a blazer, but if I'm going to this one is right up my ally. I love how the oversized buttons add a little something special and up the vintage vibes.


Having this bright red piece hanging in my closet for a few years, I knew once I stumbled across my Rolling Stones band tee from Urban that these two were made for each other. The colours from the cool and warm tones contrast perfectly and make this outfit pop. 


My re-found love for my fire engine red blazer is a reminder to hold onto those special finds, they will have their time to shine!
















 Photos: @gmacleanfotos


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