coming home

I've now officially been blogging for a month, and feel like the past few weeks have been oozing with creativity! Like most people I spent New Year's day doing absolutely nothing due to too much wine the night before, but I spent my first Monday of 2017 doing what I love most, creating.

Kelsey made the trek up to come visit and shoot, together we ventured around Penobsquis, N.B for the day. We explored backroad scenic routes, crawled under some fences, and literally slid around; since this area of New Brunswick is an actual skating rink at the moment.

I wanted to start off 2017 with extra sparkle and shine, which is exactly what this outfit brought me. When I came across this piece from Free People, I literally stopped in my tracks and let out an extra long "ohhhhh my god!". This crinkly sheer maxi top with embellished sequin stars and bead detailing is what dreams are made of. I love that it can be worn with denim, but also styled with a slip underneath which is what I decided to go with. Throw in a hand stitched beaded velvet purse and you've got yourself one happy Luna.

I've grown to love my life in the city, but coming home is irreplaceable. New Brunswick always offers the most serene places to shoot and is always a breath of the freshest air. Since I've been home thousands of stars have been out every night and the moon has never appeared brighter.



Photos: @kelsey.schroeder