warm tones winter blues

Like most people in the winter I too get the blues. The sun isn’t at its brightest, you have to wear about five different layers everyday, and of course the dreaded salt that will more than likely ruin your pretty shoes. If I can’t have the warmth of the summer in the winter, then I’ll try and find a way to keep my mind cozy on the colder days. These photos were shot on the brink of the last day of fall; it was definitely cold out but still warm enough to play in the leaves.

One of my favorite bloggers Tessa Barton had posted a picture of her wearing a polkadot like sheer top, with pretty frilled shoulders and a pair of patched denim from Zara. It’s been a few years since I’ve been to Zara and I’m obsessed with pretty much everything they sell now. Embroidery is a big thing found in my closet this year, and Zara is exploding with it. Along with my ruffled top I grabbed a western styled embroidered button up and a pair of floral patched denim. Let’s be real, we all had a pair of patched denim in elementary and I’m ok with the fact that I’m wearing them again; everything always cycles back. Cropped and frayed hems on denim are also a trend I’m loving, so these jeans were a win.

Here’s hoping these warm tones brightened your wintery day. It’s also Christmas in three days, so Merry Christmas everyone! I hope your holidays are filled with so much love, friends, and family.



Photos by: @gmacleanfotos