go sit on a cactus

Happy Friday everyone! I’m finally getting around to posting since I had a serious case of food poisoning the other night. I promise to be back to Thursdays on a regular basis as long as processed meats aren’t making me become bff with my bathroom floor.

For this weeks post I had a completely different topic in mind, but the saying on the bottom of my Matisse boots brought another topic to light. When I first moved to the big city, I didn’t know how big of a change I would be making and how real the hustle is until I pulled up to my apartment. All of a sudden my emotions started hitting me, my slow paced lifestyle was about to change. Being someone from New Brunswick, I’m used to being able to walk into my backyard and see the mountains, lose count of the millions of stars, and lay in a field of dandelions. Now moving to the big city, my thoughts immediately went to “I don’t have what I’m used to anymore”, or “I can’t create who I am in this concrete jungle”.

Having lived here for six months now (crazy to me), I’m now telling my old views and thoughts to “go sit on a cactus”. Since moving here, I’ve met amazing people who have opened my eyes up to the beauty of this city. Just because something is different or out of your comfort zone, it doesn't mean that you can’t continue to make it your own. Toronto may be tough at times, but it has without a doubt expanded my mind, horizons, and creativity. I’ve gone from shooting in fields, ditches filled with flowers, and the comfort of my backyard, to shooting in record stores, downtown rooftops, and subways. This just goes to show you can do and create whatever your heart desires, so no matter what it may be keep creating and keep your mind open.



Photos by: @photographyjaycee