fp canada x kelsey schroeder

Hi lovelies, happy Thursday! First off I just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who sent me the kindest and heartfelt words about the launch of my blog and for those of you who have taken the time to check it out, it means the world to me. I’m so happy to hear and see how excited people are about my new adventure. I’m hoping to make a post every Thursday, and am excited to create so much new content while on my xmas break from school. Anyways, on to the good stuff!

Upon moving to Toronto I started working at Free People, which some of you probably know is one of my favourite brands. After working here for a bit I was offered the opportunity to help out with @fpcanada’s social media; obviously with so much excitement my answer was a big fat yes.

Recently a friend of mine, and amazing photographer Kelsey Schroeder was planning on visiting Toronto. She had shot some gorgeous photos of my girl Riley back home in New Brunswick with my favourite kind of feel to it, film. I pitched the idea to Kelsey about collabing together, she’d shoot I’d style. I then asked my super babe friends from FP and super babe IG friends if they wanted to help out and model for the day, everyone was on board and so excited. We roamed around the city throughout the whole day while I lugged a giant suitcase filled with shimmery disco balls, velvet embroidered dresses, a reversible silky bomber jacket, and sequence dresses; my kind of day.

The day started out with a whole lot of fog and rain, but lucky for us the sun peaked out and the six of us had the best day ever. Botanical gardens, vintage vinyl, busy crosswalks, and a rooftop with a view, I absolutely without a doubt love what I do.